'ignite your true self'

‘The Body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.’

― B.K.S. Iyengar

Registered Yoga Therapy Practitioner
Yoga Elder & Yoga Educator

I am privileged to be yogic for most of my life. My formal training began when I was quite young, with guidance in compassion, love and being mindful by my grandmother.

As an adult, I became interested in yoga training after opening a yoga and martial arts centre in Port Moody, BC.  I trained in kripalu yoga, chakra, classical, traditional and therapeutic yoga in Canada and India.

Sixteen years ago, I began offering yoga and yoga therapy private sessions and classes. Incorporating my intuitive and meditative nature, I find compassion and humour centres my yoga.  I embrace sharing ancient wisdom with participants in helping each unlock their potential, gain freedom, new perspectives and clarity.

I ignite a reawakening in many students’ innate nature and encourage being grounded to the earth while practising all aspects of yoga; strengthening the interconnection of the body, mind and spirit.

Included in my teaching methods are cognitive, touch, physical, oral, audio, intuitive and nature’s perspective and techniques for a comprehensive understanding of yoga.  My students may delve profoundly or swim the surface.
I work with diverse persons and cultures who teach me as much as I teach them; giving me unique insights into my teaching and myself.

In addition to teaching internationally; I write on yoga, teach voice, and impart understanding how to become content with ‘simply being’ meditation and chanting.

Discovering the term Meditation

As long as I can remember, I played what I called ‘simply be’ a game of silence.  I was silent for hours, sometimes days. Words were not present in my mind unless I wanted to daydream or ponder a subject.  I could hear people and listen.  I spoke when I was spoken to and listened to people as needed – otherwise, I quietly listened to the universe.  My mind always seemed vast, limitless. I knew the most amazing sounds, knowledge.

When I was about 12, I told my mother my game.  She was quite perturbed telling me I had to have words in my head, I imagined it, ‘So stop it’, she’d say.  A puzzle I didn’t’ understand until my 20’s.

During my 20’s I heard about meditation, mindfulness, and clearing our mind.  Intrigued I found a Buddhist group in Reading, UK where I was blessed to hear dharma talks, member’s questions and learnt about meditation.

‘Ah’.  Solves my curiosity – I am an innate meditator who born with a meditative disposition and mindfulness would find the challenge not to forget.  Through the years, I understood this to be true.

Buddhism, derived from yoga, so I read the yoga sutras – the exact verse escapes me, but it said that some are natural born with an innate prominence to meditation.

Becoming a Lay Buddhist
The Order of Buddhist Contemplatives (OBC), founded in the UK has priories worldwide.  I call the Reading Buddhist Priory, UK and the Lions Gate Buddhist Priory in Vancouver/Lytton, BC two groups to be mindful with; over 30 years.

In 2009, after 20 years as a Buddhist, I became a Lay Buddhist through the ceremony of Jukai at Shasta Abbey in California.

Instructing Meditation
Sharing knowledge of meditation is rewarding as well as helps me remain compassionate and humble.  I teach beginners to experts in yoga meditation and several other forms.

‘Simply Be’ Meditation
For those familiar with meditation, who want to expand their focus I offer a multi-level meditation which transcends one from an outwardly view to an inward view of themselves, connecting to their world and the world at large.  The focus becomes integrated, acute and their relationship grew stronger with serenity, calm, balance and new perspectives to living a more natural life. Further Details are forthcoming.

Types of Meditation I learn

Vipassana Meditation
Vipassana which means to see things as they are is one of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation. It was taught in India more than 2500 years ago as a universal remedy for universal ills. The technique of Vipassana Meditation is taught at ten-day residential courses during which participants learn the basics of the method, and practice sufficiently to experience its beneficial results.

• Attending ten-day silent retreats at the Vipassana Meditation Centre in Merritt and the UK.

Sōtō Zen Reflection Meditation
• Lions Gate Buddhist Priory – Vancouver, Canada
• Reading Buddhist Priory – Berkshire, UK
• After 15 years as a practising Buddhist, I went to Shasta Abbey a Buddhist Monastery in California and took part in Jukai – the taking of the Buddhist Precepts a week-long ceremony to welcome people into the history and fold of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives.

Astral Projecting Meditation
• Learning about other types of meditation, I discovered I naturally practised transcendental and astral projecting meditation; both conducive to healing.

Formal & Self-Directed Research

Movement and mobility I find fascinating because it gives an insight to the person, their character, thinking, perspectives, challenges and benefits. As a result of my curiosity and working first-hand experiences I work with the following people in various stages of their lives.

• Legally Blind and Partially Sighted

• Deaf and the Hard of Hearing

• Injuries; Cognitive and Physical

• Cognitive challenges; birth, injuries, traumas or experiences

• Pregnancy: natal care; natural and caesarian

More in-depth conversations that include observations continue for each of the above through yogic perspectives.

Creating Sequences, Breath & Meditations Specific for:

• Herpes & STD’s

• missing or non-useable limbs

• arthritis & joint challenges

• anxiety, depression

• asthma

• chronic pain

• pregnancy

Distinction = 1000+ hr training | Accomplished = experienced teaching
Orange =
5 years | Blue = 10+ years | Gold = 15+ years