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'ignite your true self'

Coaching that Solves Your Problems

Little Ones, Personal Challenges, Big Ones I Help you Solve them!

I help you through my system of understanding human complexity, assessing patterns, using the implied and hidden, emotional and cognitive needs and my experiences to solve your problems.

Self-Reliance = Personal Freedom

Give Yourself the Freedom to be
Authentic & a Little Wild without Regret.
Significant Possibilities Await.

Traditional Healing of
Mind, Body & Spirit.
Yoga Training & Development.

Confident, Accomplished & Happy
Transform Your Life
Through Stillness.

Develop Your Confident Voice.
Express Your Talents
Therapy, Sing, Communicate, Vocalise

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

Steve jobs

Hello, I am Cilica

I grew up in rainy Vancouver, Canada where we thrive amongst old growth forests, love of nature and mountains.  Additionally, Living near London, England brings the same excitement of the wind and rain, where I enjoy nightly long walks on cobblestone roads.

In an interwoven complex world that separates the mind, physical self and spirituality, I can help you reconnect to your wholeness, to feel in control, assured, with direction, connected, balanced, healthy, prosperous and confident.

My experience lay in understanding that as an intuitive and empath I have to be grounded to run three international businesses, facilitate five-day Intensives in Communications, Singing, Confidence Building, and Yoga Therapy Training and to offer personal coaching. I work with people who want to find their way, excel. I can help you on your journey.

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