'ignite your true self'


My purpose is to encourage the development of your talents. By validating desires, objectives, challenges, and personal and professional growth I see through obstacles to support real significant and lasting change for you to fulfill your dreams.


“That all may know the value of developing themselves to their fullest.”

Since beginning to teach some thirty years on, I continue to strive in exposing the genuine value and talents of each client. I believe that everyone has the right to reveal their talents, insights and wisdom to live authentically.


”Using my experience, knowledge and abilities to expose people’s greatness.”

My mission is to provide personalised tools and insights for the individual to learn and unlearn how to be their best, use their talents and abilities to consistently thrive. By listening, confirming and challenging people to climb high, I can help each achieves their goals.


‘MY WORD’ is at the core of who I am. Building trust, being reliable, compassionate and delivering on what I say I can do is how I honour you as a client. If I don’t know, I will say and find out. I am accountable for my actions and decisions.

Client Privacy

Your privacy is imperative to our sessions. All you say or do in our time together is never shared with anyone, for any reason without your consent


Maintain a professional environment at all times is the focus of my practice to elicit an open and honest exchange in everything we do.


I am passionate about affirming and supporting your talents, abilities, ideas, thoughts, and needs by being present, open and communicative to your process of development.