'ignite your true self'


My purpose in offering one-to-one sessions is to encourage the development of your talents by validating your desires, objectives, experiences and personal growth. As important, listen to gain an understanding of your obstacles to support you in making significant and lasting changes for the life you want.


My vision is to offer the right techniques, support and encouragement for each client to become productive, efficient, creative and healthy in the best way possible. By valuing each as an individual, I want to gain the client’s trust so each can use their insights and wisdom to live authentically.


Here the mission is to provide personalised tools and insights for each client to learn and unlearn how to be their best, use their talents and abilities to consistently thrive. Giving unwavering support while challenging each to climb as high as they want to achieve their goals.


‘MY WORD’ is at the core of who I am. I aim to build trust, be reliable, compassionate and deliver on what I say I can do. In honouring my clients, when I don’t know, I will say and find solutions. I am accountable for my actions and decisions.

Client Privacy

Your privacy is imperative to our success. All you say and do in our time together is never shared with anyone, for any reason without your consent.


To maintain an environment of professionalism at all times is the focus of my practice to elicit an open and honest exchange in everything we do.


I am passionate about affirming and supporting your capacities, ideas, to brainstorm and meet needs by being present, open and communicative to your process of development.