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I embrace the stillness to encourage deep healing and calmness.

Stillness is a calm, quiet, focus; a meditative approach to help clients feel confident, release pain and learn to move in a healthy, safe way during sessions.

Clients learn how to become still by viewing their health issues as a whole: a peaceful mind, a natural healing body, ease of movement and balance between life, family and work. Yoga Therapy sessions are created to meet each client’s unique needs through sequences of gentle movements, breathing and meditation, and re-patterning the body’s movements effectively to heal safely, and correctly.

During gentle movements, the brain releases pain and illness, freeing the body’s range of motion, transforming and easing you through illness, general and chronic pain, emotional challenges, physical/hormonal changes, injury, digestive problems, poor eyesight and more by using the body’s natural healing powers more effectively.

In an increasingly busy world, people may begin to ignore their natural tendencies of movement, eating, and ease of mind. It is an easy thing to do, considering our multiple obligations, schedules, long-term stress, lack of sleep, and lack of proper movement. As the demands on our attention increase, so does the possibility of injury and illness.

Most people are fortunate enough to be able to heal quickly from an injury. But for some, the body is like an elephant; it never forgets. Mental stress, physical pain and lack of mobility can persist for years. The conventional medical treatment; powerful painkilling drugs and moderate exercise, is a simple solution for a complex puzzle.

Most injuries and pain happen over time, a quick fix does not heal or correct.

To heal effectively, and change unhealthy and painful patterns of movement – such as sitting at a desk for hours with a curved spine – take patience and time. Contrary to what many think, overnight fixes or instant changes don’t go to the deep root of most complaints.

Through traditional and experimental yoga, clients learn proper movements and breathing. When clients integrate the principles of stillness, each improves in ways they never dreamed.

Client centred therapy goes beyond boundaries to create new possibilities for good health.

Being with nature, either outdoors or observing it from indoors is an inroad to achieving stillness of body; of mind; of spirit – to finding your silence, inner peace and happiness. In yoga, it is thought the correctly aligned posture produces happiness; an aligned body works correctly.

Happiness may be as simple as watching Tall Blades of Grass move in the wind, or raindrops form on the blades — a continuum of your stillness, or the beginning of your process of stillness and mindfulness.

Therapies may be used individually or in a combination that meets your individual needs

Yoga Therapy Fundamentals

Yoga therapy is that facet of the ancient science of Yoga that focuses on health and wellness at all levels of the person: physical, psychological, and spiritual. Focusing on the path of a healing journey that brings balance to the body and mind through an experiential understanding of the primary intention of Yoga: the awakening of Spirit, our essential nature.

• Yogic exercise moves the body with the breath

• increases body fluids for joints and mobility

• stretches shorten muscles for movement

• adjusts the spine for mobility, focus and happiness

• increases circulation

• maintains steady heart rate

• detox the body and mind

• address chronic pain, injuries, illness

• proper movement: walk, stand, bend, move, sit, etc.

Yoga Therapy adapts to your individual needs in aiding the restoring of your health.

NIYAMA – Self-Imposed Discipline

YOGASANA – Physical Exercise with Breath

• Mobility, Balance, Strength Focus

• Awareness, Pain Management

• Savasana: Relaxation & Acclimation

DHARANA – Concentration, Ease of thoughts, Mindfulness

DHYANA – Sadhana: Meditation, Nidra

PRANAYAMA – Life-Force, Breath, Energy

SAMADHI – Spirituality

YAMA – Observances

PRATYAHARA – Withdrawal of the Senses

Yogasana, the physical movement is the most practised in the West. Yogasana is suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness and flexibility. You do not need to be fit or flexible.

• generally improving overall communications between mum/daughter, married/common-law couples, sister, brothers, friends, co-workers

• helping caregivers with their person of need for a better life with diseases, immobility, mental challenges, pain management & release, more. . .

• improve sexual experiences between partners

• encouraging deep movements, joint healing, energy healing and stability and personal growth

Yoga can help people with different physical and mental abilities such as persons that are wheelchair users, missing limbs, those who have mental challenges through various degrees, phobias, and more.

• those who are wheelchair bound

• improve breathing, shoulder/arm mobility, release tension from shoulders/neck/jaw

• mobility for the upper body

• increase the joy of life through organ/blood circulation

• often improve on circulation to toes, legs

• help with muscle release of pain, tension, mobility

• co-ordination/balance

• focus for mentally challenged: general, crippling phobias

• retraining the mind for changes in their body and minds

• work with head injuries, accident victims and more.

Babies and Children
• helps babies & children with illnesses, lack of muscle development, alertness, comfort, colic, lack of thriving and more.

• babies can thrive after only just a few sessions

• parents and baby together bond more through touch, laughing, sound, and more

Energy Healing Therapy

Whether you work as a manual labourer, sit at a desk, travelling, or a caregiver you may need some relief from challenges that the workplace puts on your body and mind. Also, sports-related injuries are becoming quite common, learn how to heal and prevent injuries.

• posture, balance, co-ordination

• headaches, Eye Strain / Blurry Vision, Sore Necks, Backs, Bottoms

• all types of sports injuries, prevention

• improving communications, relationships in the workplace or on sports teams

Meditation Therapy ~ Mind of Tranquillity

FULL list of meditation modalities

The list is in Intuitive Healing Section though are apart of the yoga therapy.

Advanced Meditation Simply ‘BE’

There are many types of Yogic Meditation to benefit different people for various reasons. Here the intent of Meditation as therapy is to for one to overcome acute distress, stress and situation that arise in the mind and/or body. Short-term meditation creates an almost sense of calm, like a blanket when a person is cold. Long-term meditation transforms lives.


Meditation can :

• find focus from thoughts of frustration, turmoil, angst, stress, anxiety, and more

• creating calm, focus and ease of life.

• with the use of nature, being one with nature – the self, finding your peace

• create a time for yourself to simply ‘be’

• helps problem-solving

• able to manage your life with a flow of ease

• finding happiness where usually you may be upset or feeling blue

• helps alleviate depression, chronic pain, listlessness, excessive energy

Mindfulness – An awareness of thoughts

Originating in Buddhism which comes from Yoga mindfulness is spiritual and psychological enlightenment to dispel suffering. Suffering is when our minds become overstressed, constantly moving fast, worry, making small insignificant events into larger, more dramatic; greed, lust, hatred, revenge and more. When the mind is not balanced it becomes cloudy, incoherent, dull and sick. Illness becomes the person either or both of the mind and body.

Learning mindfulness is beneficial for:
• Excessive stress, addiction, compulsive behaviours, muddied thinking

• Insomnia, depression, anxiety, self-harm

You may gain
• Balanced happiness, contentment, a clear mind, less drama in your life, appreciation for others and nature, and more



Myofascial Manipulation

• Fascia located between the skin and the underlying structure of muscle and bone, it is a seamless web of connective tissue that covers and connects the muscles, organs, and skeletal structures in our body.

• A technique for stretching the fascia with the aim to balance the body.

• Injuries, stress, trauma, and poor posture can cause restriction to fascia.

• myofascial manipulation releases the fascia restriction and restores its tissue.

Anatomy Trains

• Approaches the lines of myofascial along the lines of and that run throughout the body

• Organise the structural forces required for motion, and link all parts of the body.

• May act as conduits for acupuncture stimulation and other energetic modalities.

• Manipulation to encourage mobility and pain-free

Nidra Therapy ~ Deep Meditation

Yoga nidra is a sleep-like state which can be attained during deep meditation while still maintaining full consciousness.

The distinguishing difference is the degree to which one remains cognizant of the actual physical environment as opposed to a dream environment. In lucid dreaming, one is only (or mainly) mindful of the dream environment, and have little or no awareness of our actual situation.

• Reduces tension and anxiety, worry and insomnia

• Gives the body a complete rest, rejuvenation

• Reduces high anxiety resulting in headaches, giddiness, chest pain, palpitations, sweating and abdominal pain

• Used to help those with post-traumatic stress disorders

• Muscle disorders, fibromyalgia, glandular problems, and balancing the body systems

• Calms a noisy mind

• Aids in sleep, reducing night terrors / nightmares

• Lowers blood pressure / hypertension

• Maintenance of biomechanical integrity among body parts.

• Yogasana that coax the body back to its natural alignment

• Aim to function correctly, efficiently, and ultimately free of pain

• Adjust movement for long-term function

• Reduces pain in joints and in movement

Prenatal, Pregnancy & Postnatal

Personal Yoga Practice For Pre-natal, Pregnancy & Postnatal as well as helping with the Birthing process itself.

• sciatica pain, discomfort

• lower & upper back pain

• walking and alleviating the waddle of out of place hips

• reduces strain on the stomach as the baby grows

• teach how to bend, move and walk

• preparation for birthing

• post baby care and easing of muscles, bones moving back into a regular position.

Breathing / Life Energy

The energy produced from natural and specific breathing exercises to keep the body and mind health and illness free.
Breath techniques are many for a specific purpose to heal the body and mind.

• Relates to the ‘reflex points’ on the feet, hands and ears.

• These points correspond to your body’s organs and systems linked through ‘energy meridians.

• Reflexology works deep alongside the bones and joints with a specific technique of release rather than muscle manipulation.

• When illness or imbalance occurs, the corresponding meridians become blocked and stressed.

• Reflexology releases these blocks helping you to heal individually and overall.

Reshaping your bodies and minds is a continual event.  We may not be aware, painfully aware or comfortably complacent to what is happening. Think of that comfy chair one sits in, you love it.  

By simply sitting in the chair on a regular basis it is reshaping your body and mind each time you use it.  When sitting in the chair for long periods of time, your spine is quietly being curved, vertebrae and getting no movement – shifting closer together preventing flexibility, nutrients to your brain causing a more sedate mind.  All this happens while you enjoy your comfort.

• Whole Body Manipulation through your body’s energy lines

• Pressure Points & Alignment

• Passive participation

• Stimulates body systems and mind focus

• Alleviates pain and structural misalignment

Pressure Points

• Direct pressure is applied to specified points on tender muscle tissue

• Reduces muscle tension and pain relief caused by muscles being overused, inflammation, trauma, electrolyte imbalances, infections and nerve pain

• Releases energy in specified spots to balance the whole