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‘Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.’

~ Iyengar


Developing a Personal Practice of Yoga

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You develop a yoga practice at the level you are at present.  You do not have to be flexible or fit.  I welcome the beginner and the experienced.  Chose to include any of yoga’s Eight Fold Path.

Yogasana, the physical movement is the most practised in the West. Asanas or some call poses are suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness and flexibility. You do not need to be fit or flexible.

What to Expect

Sessions are offered in your chosen space – home, office, or other. Please have the room where you feel at ease, in a seated or lying position on chair or floor. I use a contact and non-contact, non-invasive techniques, as well as conversation, listening, hearing and reactive techniques. Like the waves of the ocean, energy ebb and flow.

Eight Fold Path of Yoga

Observances – YAMA
Self-Imposed Discipline – NIYAMA
Physical Exercise with Breath – YOGASANA
Life-Force, Breath – PRANAYAMA

PRATYAHARA – Withdrawal the Senses
DHARANA – Concentration
DHYANA – Meditation
SAMADHI – Spirituality


ahimsa – do no harm, promote peacefulness

satya – truth, honest with ourselves and with others

asteya – do not take that is not yours

aparigraha – do not covet what isn’t yours

brahmacharya – use your life force to express your dharma, rather than the pursuit of fleeting pleasures


Self-Imposed Discipline
saucha – cleanliness, cleansing the body and mind

santosha – contentment in the present moment

apas – discipline, austerity or burning enthusiasm

svadhyaya – study of the self and of the texts

isvara pranidhana – capitulation to a higher energy or contemplation of a higher power


Physical Exercise with Breath
• the practice of physical exercises on the breath – inhale, exhale

• still and concentration, the intent of mind

• move into the inner essence of being

• unity between physical and ethereal body

• improved health, strength, balance, flexibility


Life Force
• conscious awareness of breath

• lifeforce that both energises and relaxes the body

sanskrit – prana = life force and ayama = extension

• pranayama is an integral part of yoga

• breathing enables a rhythm of practising yogasana with relaxing the mind for meditation


Withdrawal of the Senses
• diminishing our senses involve the control of what we bring in to nourish the body, mind and spirit

• concurrently withdrawal from the wrong nourishments – include food, people and what we hold at our hearts


• consciousness to bind the mind to a single point

• the objective is to quiet the mind

• preparation for meditation

• concentration eases other thoughts, memories and distraction


• a practice of meditation to interrupt the fluctuations of the usual mental activity such as sensory knowledge, memory, and imagination

• memory is the hardest one to quiet

• it brings the past to the present with a stream of thoughts and feelings.


• meditation contemplation we grow into the consciousness itself

• consciousness becomes the profound concentration

• the truth of the highest reflection

• one with contemplation that we ourselves are Infinite, Eternal and Immortal