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‘Yoga is not for the flexible, it is for the willing.’



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By the mere practice of yoga we are healing and keeping healthy which means if you want to develop a personal practice or deepen your regular yoga practice, private sessions can help.  We can work on

can work on sequencing, specific yogasanas, inversions, balances meditation and philosophies. Clients are welcome to increase their awareness and abilities ~ whatever they wish.

Reasons to Work with a Yoga Therapist

Know Me from Yoga Classes

• Familiar with my yoga style and understand that while I offer a personal approach to the yoga classes, there is not enough time to address you specifically

• Referrals or You want a more in-depth assessment

Balance Life

• A balanced approach to maintaining your physical and mental health with a practice of yoga therapy.

• Proactive maintenance rather than after an injury or illness.

• You want a holistic approach to being healthy.

Develop a Personal Practice

• A traditional approach to developing your own daily personal practice with classical yoga.

• Deepen an existing yoga practice by merging new techniques, asanas, meditations, and philosophy.

Chronic Pain

• Pain or lack of mobility has become unbearable chronic pain with depression, moodiness and/or frustrated

• You may be on too many painkillers

• Not sleeping at night

Lack of Mobility

• Your injury or illness has caused little or no mobility

• Painful joints, frozen shoulder, lack of balance

• Pregnancy or birth causing hip and back pain, less mobility


• Your frustration for the medical community not hearing you or treating you as a whole person

• Patronised, or limited conversations about your illness or challenges

• Wanting 60 and 90 minutes of therapy instead of 5 minutes


Holistic and Individual Approach

One-to-One Yoga Therapy

Sessions are conducted in a client’s home or office to precipitate a comfortable environment for healing and continued practice. Online video chat sessions are also available. The initial consultation is needed to understand your needs, specific challenges and the outcome you want.

I work out a course of treatment of three, five or seven sessions. Afterwards, we re-evaluate your needs together to either continue on a weekly basis or for home practice on your own.

Unless a recent injury or accident, most complaints and challenges develop over time, even years; one session is less efficient.

Touch Therapy

• Passive sessions are fabulous for healing and movement through touch not only stretches clients deeply, but it also triggers a natural healing effect that works faster and viscerally.

Passive Sessions

• Using yoga therapy techniques, massage, healing, and energy/trigger points and breath to manipulate the client while the client is in a relaxed, non-active manner: sitting, laying or standing. The client accepts the movements without any effort.

• This is an excellent way to deal with extreme stress, emotional challenges, anxiety, depression and major illnesses or injuries where mobility is extremely painful.

Pro-Active Sessions

• Here the client is more mobile, and challenges are less acute were moving on their own is more natural.

• Often more advanced techniques are used.

Flexibility and Mobility

• In these passive sessions, clients increase mobility and flexibility in a deeper manner than on their own. Similar to a massage, the masseuse can go into areas of the body that are difficult for the client to reach or know they need attending to.

• When stretching and shortening the muscles, joints and organs, I believe to create balance by using smaller more detailed movements. These are best done while clients are passive until they understand and internalise the movement themselves.