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”Inhale, Exhale = Energy of Life.’



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Sessions aim to heal physical,  mental and spiritual challenges through the healing perspectives of yoga. Yoga Therapy by nature is to tailor all sessions to you, for optimal benefit.

In-person therapy is recommended but working on Skype can be quite beneficial as well.  E-mail is an option for discussion, instructions and direction after a consultation either in-person or through Skype.

Adults in all degrees of health, abilities, physical and psychological as well as for spiritual growth and challenges benefit from yoga therapy.

Adolescents, Children & Babies benefit from yoga therapy. A parent or guardian is required to be present.  Please see modules for additional areas of yoga therapy.

Consult – Please book a call to discuss how I may help you.  Assessments may be booked anytime to address your challenges and create a plan of action. Yoga Therapy is given in either three, five or seven sessions groupings.  Single sessions are offered after the initial group and for long-term clients.

No Scents, please wear no scents or oils

Yoga Therapy benefits the following and more.

Professional Athletes •
Persons Limited Mobility or to a Walkers  •
Wheelchair-Bound •
Injuries and Accidents •

• Suffer from Illnesses and Disease
• Posture, Balance and Alignment
• Repetitive Motions
• Mental Health Challenges
• Spiritual Growth
• Teaching Meditation and Mindfulness


While Skype sessions are in your choice of space; I encourage you to wear loose and warm clothing to help you move with ease.  Please have space available to sit, lay on the floor and move around. I suggest also having a yoga block, two cushions, a towel, two pairs of socks and small soft balls ready to use if necessary.  A yoga mat is good, but you can use any kind of mat as well.


Sessions are held in the comfort of your home, office or other space. Please use a room where you feel at ease; where you can sit and lay on the floor. Yoga therapy incorporates contact, non-contact and non-invasive techniques.  Additionally, we both may ask questions while I use observation, listening and reactive techniques. Like the waves of the ocean, healing energy ebbs and flows.


You may conduct some therapies through e-mails after an in-person or Skype consult is undertaken.  Since e-mail is less interactive, you may ask questions, clarification, gain simple instructions and go deeper into topics discussed in person or on Skype previously.  We can work on any or all limbs of yoga.  E-mail sessions are conducted at the same times and day as other types of sessions.

What to Expect


Your initial assessment includes a full physical evaluation from posture to balance to weaknesses and strengths.  We can go over your emotional and/or psychological needs and your spiritual aims.

You have the opportunity to ask questions, tell me about yourself, not tell me much (yes you can limit what you tell me – this is your space) and what you want to achieve, your aims, goals.

I will review with you what happens in the session practically. I answer any further questions that you may have at the end.
After the assessment, I go over what I think is a helpful course of action, therapies and skills to develop.  I go over the subsequent sessions and what to expect. Your input is welcome as to how we proceed.

During Session

Working with a plan of action specific to your needs we proceed.  You may find that some asanas or breath work challenging at first, but with practice, each become healing as we move along.   I aim to provide a space where you experience a calm, mindful practice in which you may duplicate the exercises and methods at home, to improve further.

Frequently I am told clients feel relief, lightness, peace, physical release, ease and a sense of balance.
When your emotions release you may cry, laugh or become upset. These feelings you may have held for years. We acknowledge your feelings until they dissipate.

After the 1st session you usually feel tired, soar as well as happier – adjusting your posture brings contentment to the body and mind.  Please drink plenty of water and rest.


Mobility, physiological comfort and greater physical comfort with a lightness of movement and ease of mind are usually noticed early on.

Or the results may not immediately be appreciated. I suggest that you take 15 minutes or more to sit, have a cup of tea or lemon water and allow your mind, body and energy to acclimate. Be still with yourself. Write questions down as they arise for our next session.

You can continue with the same work we did on your own which will lessen your healing times. I give you guidance on how to proceed with exercises and suggestions.  This instruction will keep you on track and engaged in your health. You are welcome to e-mail me between sessions for clarity or questions.

Number of Sessions

Yoga Therapy is offered in either three, five or seven groupings to promote maximum healing, correction and abilities.
Treatment is offered in the same month or two to make substantial shifts in healing. You may find after a couple of sessions your therapeutic goals may change as your health improves.

When booking appointments, please leave time in between sessions to acclimate the process.  Some changes may be minimal and not apparent until time passes.

The Practice


At each session, we evaluate your progress, needs and physical, mental and spiritual changes. The evaluation dictates how we proceed.


Your practice follows your needs through one limb of yoga therapy or several.  You begin by grounding yourself to the earth, breathing in life and exhaling connection to being present.


Silent stillness concludes your practice with physical, mental and spiritual actuation for the changes to take effect.


Silence, calm and balance may overcome up to two days or more after your practice.  Drink plenty of water to prevent dizziness.