'ignite your true self'

'Let us not look back in anger,
nor forward in fear, but around in awareness.'

~James Thurber

Stillness is an energetic quality of being in where you clear your physical, mindful and spiritual energies. By unblocking energy you can see through your masks, to stop hanging on of your fears, to find your path, and gain control to shape your life as you want.

It is in stillness your minds, heart, and core open to transform, to emerge, to heal, to evolve into the truth of your pure nature: your brilliance.


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Rethinking Happiness •
Forgiveness & Accepting •
Increased Awareness of life •
Increase the Size of Your World •

• Balanced Emotions
• Less Suffering & Drama
• Acceptance & Contentment
• Improved Health – Physical & Mental

Conscious Connect

Yoga therapy uses the eight limbs of yoga principles to address the individual needs of the mind to make conscious connections.

After a consult on your psychological needs, a course of personalised sequences that include breath, meditation, mindfulness and physical exercises bring your consciousness to the surface of your day, hour, moment.


Hold onto the present moment when needing to distinguish clear lines between empathy, caring, your feelings from others and their situations.

With clarity you banish drama from your life, your life is intertwined with your choosing, free of anxiousness, depression and frustration.

Learn to establish stable lines between your heart and your head.


When in the immediacy of the present, the often ridiculed intuition as less than a genuine skill is heightened to be heard, felt and lived.

Embrace your intuition as an innate barometer that tells you to stay, run away or move towards, get more information, ‘I’m confused’ as well as how good a situation or person is.

Draw out your intuition to navigate your present world.

Energy Balance

When making the present your focus, you need to have your energies balanced to maintain an equal footing of emotions, physical energy.

You may be live untruths, possess amazing skills, qualities and bad habits. What separates the desired characteristics from the unwanted is of mere opinion.

See through the calm of your energies, balanced to precision to revel in the now.

Meditate & Mindful

Meditation is the withdrawal of your senses to acquire a deep concentration that fills the whole of you. With the ability to sit with oneself, your healing comes from in outwards. Your mind clears.

Mindfulness is an extension of meditation in that your thoughts are modest with a concentration of thinking what is necessary keeps us present while awake.

Fine-tune your observances not in the past, not the future but in your day.


Suffering refers to the overthinking mind.  These thoughts usually come from many avenues to which we harm ourselves by reliving, obsessing about, remembering the past wrongs, and projecting into the future.

The present becomes one of mindful suffering.

To heal the mind sit amongst present thought where you learn to limit haunting works away from your troubles,