'ignite your true self'

'Babies smile during their sleep because
they feel the wings of faeries brush by.'

In Baby and Me yoga sessions you can find your grounded centre to relax and connect with your baby.

The private session is your time to focus on meeting your needs while playing, connecting and enjoying your baby. The practice benefits both you and your baby.

As in all yoga sessions, you practice alignment, posture, breathing, mindfulness and grounding.

Special attention is given to your learning how to align and realign your body from the effects of carrying, feeding and playing with your baby.


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Learn Moving Meditation •
Concrete Mindfulness Techniques •
Observation of Self Instead of Criticising Yourself •
Learn Objective Observation of Your Baby •

• Improve your Sleep and Avoid Fatigue
• Learn Techniques for Emotional Balance
• Improve Pregnancy Recovery
• Improve Overall Health for You and Baby

Rethink Happy

Happiness is a concept to forge towards and when we find it to hold on tight.

If life is ever changing, supports personal and group growth, how do you hold happiness? You don’t.

Rethink your perceptions of happiness by diminishing self-criticism, the negatives of sadness, frustration and disappointment.

Dwell in the moment to understand that happiness evolves and encompasses all that we are not just the good.

Emotional Balance

Just as you learn to rethink happiness, understand that varying, drastic emotional changes are normal after having a baby.

Think in terms of minutes to give yourself time to process your adjusting emotions. Even a minute can be beneficial to bring you back to calmness, to an even emotional plane.

Ignoring or indulging strong emotions can make you tired, more irritable. Just be still and feel, hug your baby and feel.


Some cultures never put down a baby for one year.  Someone is always holding them.  This is an immense challenge in the Western world.

You can embrace this idea that continued loving touch produces healthy babies, healthy adults. By learning synchronised breathing, movement, stretching, muscle building and more with your baby, you too benefit with good health.

Be strong, empowered with physical healing from inside outwards.

Move with Me

Yoga is a full healing system that when practised regularly promotes health.  Yogasana is the form of physical movement in where you move freely, to a sequence, form of dance, stretch, breath, meditate, build muscles and strong joints while enhancing mobility.

Moving through repetitive yogasana sequences with your baby, you connect on several levels; breath, touch, emotions and importantly freedom movements.

Content Baby

With even a practice of once a week of yogasana, your well being is improved greatly.  When you combine yoga practice with your baby you can cope better with late night feedings, crying, joyous moments and easier as challenges that arise.

Yoga is well rounded and teaches you techniques to be present, less up and down and use natural approaches to care for a happy, content baby.

Yoga Massage

Work with your baby on yoga massage, sometimes called Thai Yoga Massage. This approach is a mix of pressure on energy points, specific and light massage techniques that accompany passive stretching.

You learn to apply self-massage and on your baby. Enjoy results of relaxation, easing sore muscles, releasing energy blocks, aid in the digestive system, and helps promote deep sleep while using touch to connect with your baby.