'ignite your true self'

'Only you can put a limit on your determination.'

As an athlete, you tend to push physical and mental boundaries to gain proficiency in your sports and activities.

Yoga therapy works naturally for you because it engulfs a clear understanding of the science of movement, anatomy, function, body systems and more with the integration of the mind to create balance in motion.

A series of yogasanas accomplish more in a short time because a yogasana (an exercise) performs a variety of health benefits at a single time.


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Increased stamina •
Less practice time needed •
Correct alignment of movement •
Improved understanding of execution •

• Less injuries
• Healthier recovery
• Improved proficiency & skill
• Proper posture, standing, walking, sitting


A yoga therapy assessment includes observation/inspection of you performing your main sport/activity with an understanding of how your natural body functions.

Your examination involves your lifestyle, mind – perspective, concerns, work & family as well as the body from head to toe.

Addressed is your posture, mobility, stamina, flexibility, agility, hand-eye coordination, mental process, reactiveness physical, focus, mindfulness and balance.

Align & Structure

To build a solid foundation of movement, strength, ability and proficiency your body needs to be in alignment.

When you sit, lay, pushing your body too much or participate in sports or activities when misaligned you create wear, improper pressures, pain and injury to your joints.

Yoga therapy utilises small movements to keep you aligned with structural soundness that can prevent injuries.

Balance & Pace

Balance both physical and mental encourages efficient and necessary pacing in warmups, excursion and while in play.

Improved physical balance offers you greater hand and eye coordination.

By emphasising your pace in warmups and exercises, you lessen the chance of injuries and excel physically and mentally.

Utilising overlapping systems of balance and pacing techniques, you can become an excellent athlete.

Conscious Practice

Learn to be present, be aware and be open-minded when you practice. With focus and mindfulness time can play in slow motion. In this mental state, you create awareness in all aspects of your movement, thoughts and directives.

Additionally, conscious practice benefits carry to your relationship to other players of your team, to your opponents and your environment.

You need to know your surroundings to improve, maintain your pace to avoid injury.

Mobility & Physiology

An assessment, plan of action and yoga therapy treatments you can adjust, heal and maintain your overall mobility and physiology advantage.

When your joints and muscles are out of alignment, are imbalanced or have been injured and not healed or adjusted will hinder movement, cause long-term structural damage that may not be reversible.

Understand your body’s movements through good physical practices.

Objectives & Goals

Whether you are a weekend athlete, a game or a sports player or a professional athlete you need to have your objectives in alignment to your physical and mental self.

Unrealistic goals cause injuries, chronic pain and may cause frustration and anguish. You can push yourself to where you break.

Just as you need to pace your workouts, you need to pace and plan your goals with realistic objectives.

Prevent & Recover

Injury prevention is an amalgamated effort of you knowing correct movement with proper exercises, what to do when you become misaligned, when to stop and when to push forward.

When something does go wrong, you can learn proper recovery and healing techniques to bring you back to health or even better.

Minimise healing and recovery times as well.


Reshaping is not only weight control; it is a system that allows you to balance muscle strength and size, balance organ function and body systems to proper muscle growth and strength.

You gain a new perspective on being healthy, maintaining your physical and mental self.

Includes assessing your allergies, food choices, healthy supplements and a goal/objective plan.

Strength & Endurance

You receive a muscle and body system function assessment – knowing what muscle group your body is will determine if you gain muscle and strength fast, slowly or on a scale.

Knowing the facts from myths about endurance enhancing exercises and focus gives you an edge as well as what is a proper workout.

Learn to balance proper exercises with realistic expectations.