'ignite your true self'

Deconstruct what holds your brilliance imprisoned, block by block.

Stillness is an energetic quality of being in where you clear your physical, mindful and spiritual energies. By unblocking energy you can see through your masks, to stop hanging on of your fears, to find your path, and gain control to shape your life as you want.

It is in stillness your minds, heart, and core open to transform, to emerge, to heal, to evolve into the truth of your pure nature: your brilliance.

To be in Stillness is challenging as the state has us facing ourselves, our misgivings, past behaviours, the good, the bad and the beautiful to see who you are at the core.

These modules help you realise how special, unique, talented, loveable, significant and worthy you are.  Be in charge of your own outcomes. Choose to thrive!


Your intuition is a natural, innately barometer that tells you to stay, run away or towards, get more information, ‘I’m confused’ as well as how good a situation or person is.  Often ridiculed as a genuine skill, from an early age often you are told it’s isn’t real, ignore it.

Draw out your intuition instead of ignoring or suppressing it to support you to navigate your world.  Let’s work on listening and using your intuition.


Empathy can be confusing and muddy your thoughts and feelings because while you care about others, you can get your emotions intertwined. When this happens, you can become anxious, depressed and confused. Challenged to discern your feelings from others.
Learn to distinguish clear lines between your caring, others emotions and your own situations.


To heal yourself, you recognise and understand cause and effect. Using visualisation and mindfulness, you draw upon your healing energy to heal your body and mind, even your spiritual self.

You become acutely aware of how to dispel negativity, improve your physical self and change your mindset. Learn how to draw out your healing power.

Yoga Therapy

For specific needs, yoga therapy uses the eight limbs of yoga principles to address individual health issues. After a consult on your physical and psychological needs, a course of personalised sequences that include breath, meditation, mindfulness and physical exercises heal your challenges.

With yoga’s vast array of techniques you can focus on all areas of your life.


Acknowledging the present moment of your surroundings, the people, locations and your reactions and actions can service you with tremendous benefits. In mindfulness, you are acutely fine-tuning your observances to know clarity in different situations.
Almost distinguishing for the first time what you are experiencing, feeling and accepting. This prevents second guessing yourself or others.


You may be living untruths because you were told you possessed negative traits and abilities.  Conversely that you have amazing skills, qualities and god gift to the world.

Usually, who you are is in-between, but because of the polarised learning, or abuse, you see through the other person(s) lenses. Learn to discern the truth about yourself.


To maintain a practice of daily meditation for 20 minutes twice a day is a decision to restore equilibrium to your life. Perpetual motion is taught in our modern lives.

When the action stops you often find yourself doing a passive or addictive activity.  Take control by meditating to find calm, focus, clarity and a relaxed mind/body.

Breath Therapy

An amazing therapy, breath awareness & exercises marry the physical body’s systems with the functions of the mind.
Breath therapy balances your body’s chemicals, moods, blood pressure and many more health benefits while restoring the purposes of the brain to regulate a balance to your body functions. Learn to keep the mind and body in sync.


Turning down your senses is common today because of overworking, high stress and too much to do. Common numbing of senses: turning down your feelings, you can work with a bad boss; staying in a relationship because of monetary needs; surrounded by loud noises you cover your ears.  Make the necessary life changes to bring your senses alive again.