'ignite your true self'

Befriend who you already are.

There are several forms of meditation from varying perspectives, focuses, religions, spiritual and conscious levels.  Here are a few meditation types you can learn to help you heal, find peace and happiness.

All forms of meditation techniques may be learnt with or without a spiritual or religious directive.

You may learn one method or many combining what works for you. The ‘Benefits to Meditation’ Here.

Beginners to masters are welcome to train in developing their practice.  You may practice meditation either with your eyes closed or open; both are powerful.

Simply BE

Simply BE Meditation to live in a state of perpetual enlightenment of ‘be still, be nothing’; a meditative state entirely lucid 24/7. Your cognitive skills, senses, intuitive nature become heightened to where you can choose rather than rely on what is presented to you. Meditation practices with your eyes open. Developed by Cilica, who was born with meditative wisdom.

‘I’ Self

Zazen / Zen – is the study of the self; forget the self is to recognise the unity of the self and the universe around us.  Seated meditation in where you return to the same ‘seat’ meditation again and again. The mind, body and breath are one. You may practise with your eyes closed or open.


Soto Zen / Serene Reflection – Know and live from the Unborn, the Buddha Nature within ourselves and all things. We have an intuitive knowledge, a Buddha Nature, meditation is not a means to an end but rather a harmonization of the ‘self’ with the source of compassion, love and wisdom.


Here the focus is on your physical and mental relaxation, subluxation and rejuvenates your physical body while relaxing your mind. You commonly focus on a practitioner’s guiding voice who begins on a focal point on your body.

While following the guide, your body sinks deeper, heavier, and energy blockages clear and chakras may balance. You find yourself in a powerful form of ‘letting go’.  Practised seated or in a reclined position.


There are three steps and five stages to Yoga Meditation involved centring yourself after Hatha yogasana or during the yogasana. Both include a focus on the prana/energy through the breath,  concentration and meditation to clear the mind to move deeper into self. Primarily practices with eyes closed, but eyes open is also beneficial.


Often taught as a supplementary meditation to being seated, movement/walking meditation is slow and methodical in where you become aware of sensations, breath, gaze and focus to be in a meditative state.

Buddhism, Yoga & Taoist practice movement meditation. A form of meditation auspicious for you to be in a state of meditative enlightenment 24/7.


Sitting with the self: drawing on your five, six or eleven senses with eyes closed you connect with the rhythm of your heartbeat, breath and thoughts. You may progress through each sense and end with a full appreciation of your senses.

Some as in Vipassana meditation is to be mindful of all senses together. Alternatively, you may withdraw from your all senses to be one with your internal god called Pratyahara.


In the Christian tradition, the goal of contemplative practices is moral purification and a deeper understanding of the Bible while gaining closer intimacy with God/Christ.

Explore contemplative prayer, silent repetition of sacred words with a focus on devotion.  Pensive reading involves thinking deeply about the teachings of God. “Sitting with God” a quiet meditation in which you focus your mind, heart and soul on the presence of God.

Heart Centred

This meditation aims to generate a heart full of feelings of gratitude and benevolence. You develop forgiveness towards yourself, then progressively towards others and all beings.

You may recite specific words to evoke the “boundless love emitted from your heart”.  Inhale the wows of the world, visualise and send out love, happiness, good health and peace to all.


This meditation is to build absorption, focus, clarity and memory – ultimately the awareness of the self and what is around you. You may concentrate on a thought, place, person, sensations / body, thing or universe. Here you manifest clarity   Three variations – Tratak is to concentrate on a candle flame, Vipassana focuses on physical sensations of your body, and Zazen focuses on the physical breath.

Mantra – Sound

Mantra meditation, as in Yoga, efforts on a sound mantra-like OM/AUM, created sounds or tone to concentrate your mind into a calm state. A religious choir uses the song words in much the same manner.

The sound is either chanted continually aloud or in your mind as Transcendental Meditation is known for, or strung out like a drone. The sound vibrates elevating your meditation that will improve the immune system, your health overall, all while causing the mind and body to move into deep therapeutic relaxation.


A meditation that works with physical energy to heal sickness, disease, tiredness, bring clarity to your mind and help alleviate pain.  Some people can connect with the higher consciousness, revitalise mentally, protect and ground themselves.

Two techniques used in energy meditation are visualisation and using your to create a powerful energy field around you; keeping you safe from negative people and energy.  Additionally, you can control the direction and effects of energy to explore Buddhist and Indian energy centres of the body.