'ignite your true self'

Within Stillness, healing begins.

Stillness within is somewhat elusive in our society today.  We are told to attend a Retreat in where we can achieve peacefulness.  There we’ll find out stillness from the busy lives we have created for ourselves and our families.

The act of ‘retreating’ itself can give us the feeling of stillness, but what do you do when you go back to your regular lives?

Habitually the results we need, and desire is segregated from true integration into our daily lives at a Retreat.  The effects are watered down, momentary, trapped in the act of ‘retreating’.

To achieve stillness in your life, where healing begins, choose a single or combination of modules to practice.  Draw out your spiritual and intuitive energies to channel excellence in all you do.


Discombobulate is a feeling and thinking of being out of sorts, out of control. To regain a sense of calm, collectiveness, you use the process of recombobulate.

This process alleviates frustration and being overwhelmed by connecting actions that focus and organised to complete you on tasks at hand. Restore balance.

Consequently, you reorient yourself with the composure needed to fulfil your objectives.


Align your actions and goals with your beliefs, morals, philosophies, dreams and desires to live content.

Alignment brings awareness to choose the correct person to marry, make healthy friendships, and collaborative business partners or in where to work.

Life is happier when you walk the same path as your beliefs.


In small increments, re-patterning is to where you relearn behaviours that facilitate your desired path to moving forward. You can apply these techniques to any subject, quality or skill.  Significant change is processed by observing details of the chosen patterns of behaviour.

Create a ‘do over’ from impractical or destructive behaviours, habits and ways of living to redesign your life for better relationships, professional satisfaction and accomplishments.


Become non-violent in your actions, thoughts, words and purpose.  Living to build up, instead of tearing down to get what you want.

Standstill enables you to notice the fighting or drama of your life.  Negative things come and go, how do you want to handle them?

With a perspective of ‘Yes’ instead of ‘No’ attitude and behaviour, jumping to negative conslusions, you create a positive life.  The glass is 1/2 full to make room for the vodka.


Neutrality doesn’t mean you have no opinions; it means not engaging in drama.  When decisions or disagreement arises, you have excellent control to know where to be, what choice to make.

Learn to diminish triggers that bring up unwanted patterns of conclusions.

Like non-duality, in neutral perspectives, you have more options than left or right, two-sided thinking – in between offers diversity often overlooked.


The Perplexed Mind fixates on events, behaviours, actions, inactions as well as other’s behaviours with self-talk, continuous re-evaluation to ignite a life of mindful suffering.

Humans seem to gravitate to self-loathing instead of self-loving, compassion.

Pause, be still, relinquish the chains of the circular thoughts to free your mind from turmoil, anxieties, fears. Stop holding yourself back. Instead, construct purposeful thinking that generates positive behaviours toward happiness.

Emotional Balancing

Emotions ebb and flow like waves throughout our day.  Physical, mental or spiritual factors may trigger a strong ‘over the side of the boat’ wave or a barely noticeable wave. Do your emotions dictate your behaviours?

Continual fluctuations or prolonged emotional states affect your well-being and change your mental pathways for more unbalance.

Learn to balance your emotions by evaluating your behavour, reactions and actions for optimal productivity and health.

Three Freedoms

The first freedom is from a reaction to the past; you are fighting against, you want to get rid of it, you are obsessed with pain, hurt, mistakes and regrets.

The second freedom is from the future: visions, dreams, fears of what will be, perfectionism and more.

The third freedom is pure freedom; free to be yourself, free to take action as you see is best for the present; to be productive and move without procrastination and fear.


Let go of the angst of judgement, negativity, self-pity, regret and guilt towards yourself. Learn self-compassion to increase your self-worth.  Forgive your mistakes, imperfections, as well as deflect the wrath of other’s hurtful ways to accept yourself as you are: a less than perfect human.

Learn to receive love, gifts, time, opportunities, and kindness from others with grace, sincerity and honesty.

Compassion towards yourselves is as essential as for others.


To ground yourself to the elements: earth, wood, fire, metal, water and the seasons: autumn, winter, spring and summer is to connect as a whole to your environment, nature, and people with a higher function.

When grounded you leave the fog of distraction, your head from the clouds, drama, excuse, fear, pain and obstruction to experience authentic personal power.

The result is a quick mind, clear decisions and purposeful, productive behaviours in good spirits.


You, as we all do, have the inner energy to heal yourself. Your abilities may be dormant or on the surface where you feel it but don’t know how to use it.  Learn to connect, ignite, transform and use your natural energy to heal your body and mind.

Likewise, you can become a healer that also heals others.  Being a healer, you can use your energy in different forms; touch, observing auras (energy around a being), or a combination of innate techniques harnessing an awareness to receive and transmit energy.


Thru creativity, your imagination is free to stimulate your thinking, original ideas and contribute to thinking around you. Daydreams a form of creativity spark new thoughts, connections and visualisation to build upon your ideas.  The results are brought to design fruition to apply in business, art, construction, engineering, and more.

Creativity is everywhere, be a contributor, innovator, inventor one thought, one daydream at a time.