'ignite your true self'


Within Stillness, healing begins.

Stillness within is somewhat elusive in our society today.  Often advertised as something we can achieve by going to a ‘retreat’.  There we’ll find out stillness from the busy lives we have created for ourselves and our families.  That is in in the act of retreating that we’ll find our calm, our peace.

The act of ‘retreating’ itself can give us the feeling of stillness but what do you do when you go back to your regular lives?  Habitually the results we need and desire are segregated without true integration into our daily lives.  The effects are watered down, momentary, trapped in the act of ‘retreating’.

To gain Stillness that truly heals in your daily life, choose a single or combination module to learn how to draw out your spiritual and intuitive energies to channel excellence in all you do.


Befriend your true nature.

There are several forms of meditation from varying perspectives, focuses, religions, spiritual and conscious levels.  Here are a few meditations to learn that will help you heal, find stillness and happiness.

All forms of meditation techniques may be learnt with or without a spiritual or religious perspective.  You may learn one method or many combining what works for you. The ‘Benefits to Meditation’ Here.

Beginners to masters are welcome to train in daily practice.  You may practice meditation either with your eyes closed or open; both are powerful.


Deconstruct what holds your brilliance imprisoned, block by block.

Stillness is an energetic quality of being in where you clear blocks in your physical, mindful and spiritual energies. By unblocking energy, you can see through your masks, stop hanging on to fears, find your path, and gain control of your life.

In stillness your minds, heart, and core open to transform, emerge, heal, evolve into the truth of your pure nature: your brilliance.

Living in stillness is challenging as the state has us facing ourselves, our misgivings, past behaviours, the good, the bad and the beautiful to see who you are at the core.

These modules help you realise how special, unique, talented, loveable, significant and worthy you are.  Choose to thrive!