'ignite your true self'


Within Stillness, healing begins.

We can believe we use our intuition, our healing energy. We can believe we are compassionate, a decent friend, a great father and even at work we do a decent job – the year in and out.

Do we think that perhaps we are doing what is best, what is expected of us, suggestionable or unconscious that we in fact use a minute segment? Not thinking of it much or are we over thinking everything, could we be really using something called intuition, but it is not.

A single or combination of modules will draw out your potential spiritually, intuitively to channel excellence of you.


Befriend who you already are.

There are several types of meditation from varying perspectives, focuses, religions, spiritual and conscious levels.  Here are a few meditations to learn to heal to find stillness and happiness.

All may learn the techniques described here from Cilica with or without having to be spiritual or religious.  The methods are a perspective and may be learnt by all. Benefits to Meditation Here.

You may approach a combination of techniques or a singular one; beginners to masters welcome.  Meditation is practised with eyes closed or open.


Deconstruct what holds your brilliance imprisoned, block by block.

Stillness is an energetic quality of being in where you clear your physical, mindful and spiritual energies. By unblocking energy you can see through your masks, to stop hanging on of your fears, to find your path, and gain control to shape your life as you want.

It is in stillness your minds, heart, and core open to transform, to emerge, to heal, to evolve into the truth of your pure nature: your brilliance.

To be in Stillness is challenging as the state has us facing ourselves, our misgivings, past behaviours, the good, the bad and the beautiful to see who you are at the core.

These modules help you realise how special, unique, talented, loveable, significant and worthy you are.  Be in charge of your own outcomes. Choose to thrive!