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The emphasis is to help you calm and focus by receiving an emotional hug, rather than a physical one. Similar to a Being Heard session except the intent is to help you ease the suffering or pain of a problem, anxiety, fear or for solutions to troubles you experience in the moment. Please see BE HEARD for added perspective.

Settle you from a panic or anxiety attack •
Get your bearings back for a productive day •
Interactive conversation for the unexpected •

• To become right from frustration
• Give you hope when the moment feels hopeless
• Clarity & Calm from an incident or argument


• When you feel overwhelmed, challenged, frustrated, out-of-sorts or exhausted. You may also be distraught, confused, tearful and feel hopeless for that moment.

• I help you to calm, re-focus and prioritise with a listening ear, acknowledgement, acceptance of your situation.

• You gain direct solutions and best actions to take in settling you.

• Call me for immediate relief.

• You can book one session, or If the need arises, I will try to fit you when your need arises.

• Needing a hug of empathy

• Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, challenged or even frustrated and and and …. Is too much at times.  You may have good friends, family and your work atmosphere is just fine (or almost) but there are times when you don’t need advice, told ‘well if you’d done this or that’….

• You surely want to be heard, validated, comforted by someone who empathises with you, your situation and knows you can solve your own problems.

• Other times you may just need a listening ear.

The Practice of Receiving


Your current situation is assessed not with questions but a listening self-evaluation.  I guide you to pinpoint precisely the triggers of why you feel discombobulated at this very moment to need a hug. Right Now.

The aim isn’t to solve your problem because you are capable of knowing your own solutions. Very often you see the answers, just not how to get there.


Working from your perspective, from your experiences I help you gain clarity, settle and be calm.

Here you can put into practice the specific tools best suited to you, for your present situation – physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Gaining the right skill set is how to become self-reliant.


There is no one else but you alone who needs to fully appreciate you.  Believe, and you activate your personal power.  You are the most powerful person you know, more than you realise!

Striping away the layers of the past, you wear your own thoughts and beliefs to act upon.

You are free to concur your demons.


You accept triggers come but know that you can stop their effectiveness in keeping you in pain and fear by shedding old patterns of behaviour, cutting loose negative people from your life.

You no longer believe in outdated or just plain wrong opinions about yourself.

You’ll have found the freedom to choose happiness.