Hate the world and all your friends, and family?  Maybe just part of your world or just your romantic relationships?

Frustrated that positive thinking isn’t getting you where you want to be and feel ok?

Whatever part of your life you don’t like, for any reason you want to make changes; small or big and/or improving your quality of life – I can help.

I can help you!

Sick and tired of being sick and tired? 

Cannot stand the people you work for, or co-workers or both? 

Are you stressed, depressed, overworked, overtired, have no life outside of work, feel like you want to stop at the door and running home, frustrated at not being recognised for your contributions and more?

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No matter the type of change you want or need to make at the time these changes can be disruptive, depressing, frustrating or exciting and worth the challenge.  It is all in the mindset of the doer.

Are yo changing for the best reasons? Are other people telling you, you need to change and importantly do you agree?  Or are you going along stubbornly kicking and screaming?


Grimmins is the nickname I gave my grandmother who encouraged and mentored me growing up to become a coach.