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Self-Reliance Practitioner

Self-Reliance Coaching

Coaching that offers you an opportunity for genuine personal transformation: physical, psychological and spiritual.

Significant Possibilities Await You!

Are you feeling stuck, lost sight of your goals, has your life slipped into a juggle of priorities leaving you drained and unfulfilled with your dreams faded into the background? Do you want to change your life?

Are you searching for the kind of coach that sees you as a whole, that ignites your talents, reveals your brilliance and supports your potential to live as you choose; free from limitations?

What Client’s say about Cilica . . .

Roland Lee – Musician, Teacher – Thailand

Our history began at the Capilano University a well-rounded music program covering classical and commercial music studies under the direction of Karl Kobylansky, a prominent Ukrainian Composer. Cilica thrived as vocal major and I attended one of her many successful concerts in the Greater Vancouver area.  It has always surprised me how she was able to earn a degree while raising her daughter on her own. I believe this alone should qualify her in tackling the most difficult of all occupations.

What Client’s say about Cilica . . .

Joanna, Norman, Midwife – British Columbia, Canada

Cilica is a highly coveted teacher of holistic yoga ~  in many methodologies and philosophies of yoga.  I have had the privilege of both learning from Cilica and teaching with her ~  she has an unique way of providing individual attention to every student, gently challenging and encouraging even beginners to move beyond Hatha yoga; incorporating all aspects of body, mind and spirit into daily practice.  I pass along my highest recommendations.


What Client’s say about Cilica . . .

Rob Reid – Realtor – British Columbia, Canada

I’ve known Cilica for over 30 years and I have always found her to be very trustworthy, honest and reliable. She has many skills but most importantly she is a great person, one you can definitely depend on!

What Client’s say about Cilica . . .

Pemba, Vancouver, Canada

I worked with Cilica at a large thrift store in 2016. She trained 7 in her team’s department. Many who didn’t know much English.  When I quit I told the manager she was the best trainer I ever had in all my jobs.  They should treat her better. They should give her respect.

Head to Toe. Inside to Outwards.

Simplify Complications.
Remove the Hitches.
Eliminate Worries.

What You Need

When You Need it.

Building Up by Tearing Down
What Doesn’t Work.

Who are You?

You can be authentically strong as yourself and gain the life you dream. Successful people who use their differences, uniqueness and creativity are revered.

Staying true to the status quo because of fear or lack of confidence? Instead, be a leader and supporter whose insights, strategies and habits are emulated.

Stand tall, resilient and confident in your abilities as you are.

Be Brilliant.

Build on strategies that work for you today by throwing out old and tired conventions. Enhance objectives from the vantage of all angles, learn to make surprising moves, change perceptions of co-workers, inspire teamwork and draw out the leader that’s hiding inside.

Stop waiting. Put your plan of action into play. Grow professionally with tremendous results by implementing constructive change in yourself: focus, determination, courage and confidence.

Your Most Important Ally!

By supporting you through change. I encourage a coaching balance that is reassuring, challenging and full recognition of your diversity.

I aim to move you through the confusion, fear, excitement and complexity of personal change. With compassion and insights into your unique struggles, challenges and strengths I can help make the transition easier.

that Solves Problems.

Little Ones, Personal Challenges, Big Ones.

Helping you Solve them with authentic answers and solutions for all the dimensions of your life. 

Expert Coaching that offers you Self-Reliance and Confidence for continual success.

Self-Reliance Coaching Highlights

• Work with a coach whose approaches includes psychological, physical and spiritual self-development.

• A rare opportunity for an in-depth assessment of where you are now with confirmations and feasible solutions to move forward.

• Incredible support, accountability and encouragement to keep you organised and on-track through uncertain times.

• Therapeutic yoga when your health is affecting your life, or you have health issues trying to keep everything together.

• Find your voice for public and personal communicating, leadership and teamwork.

• Coaching that balances your physical, emotional and mental health for optimal performance to succeed.

• Teaching mindful grounding when frustration and exhaustion have you feeling lost and wanting to give up.

Coaching that offers the right resources when you need to work through challenges.

• Putting you back on track when your output doesn’t match your potential for success.

• No other coaching provides such diversity as Cilica’s expertise.

• Bonus option to work with your energy, intuition and higher self.

Holistic Approach Works

Expert Coaching As a complex being, you want an expert with over 35 years’ experience that knows to be successful you need an interwoven psychological, physical and spiritual approach.
Support & Growth - Weekly Goals and Up & Downs Check-ins.
- Personalised yoga and meditation monthly routine to optimise your progress.
Based On Coaching that has you accountable for your choices and reinforcing your growths. Master the ‘five perspectives’ of Self-Reliance that support you as a whole person.

Become Self-Reliant

Spanning four decades, I assist high achievers, the strugglers, the beaten down and the seekers and others like you who are determined to be self-reliant.

Offering consistent, personalised support, authentic encouragement, insights and direction to support your determination to overcome your challenges.

Create a life free from frustration, self-doubt, pain, fear, drama, distraction and repeated habits that produce failure, become self-reliant physically, mentally and spiritually.

Coaching that lifts the whole you based on four critical perspectives that create wanted change: head to toe, inside and outwards.

What is Self-Reliance worth to You?

Work with Cilica Today.