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Client Stories

andBeing Exceptional Programme

Almost quite my job

Oriano A, Montreal QE

I was headhunted to run the Customer Services division of an established company. The learning curve was steep, I was overwhelmed, frustrated, thinking I wasn’t up to the job and my home life suffered. I spoke to Cilica about enrolling in the Being Exceptional program.

Beginning the program was a challenge for me because I had to relinquish my control of how I processed my work.  I was to learn new ways to interact to get the results I needed.  I almost quit my job.  The company told me I could do things my way, but in reality, a major overhaul was needed.  I had to fire and hire, and work late to restructure the CS department.  Also, work on the Being Exceptional program.  For a while, I thought of going back to my old job.

Cilica brought me back to basics.  It was a relief.  She suggested a whole day to get at how I perceive work, my ways of working, how I understand and think; we went back to the nuts and bolts of my life, of my work.  I was astonished at how effective this was to build on.

Frustrated and Burnt Out

Ted Newman, Seattle, WA

Ted, a successful administrator in an international company, was asked to partner a new company because of his organising, timelines, efficient and highly competency skills in business. He felt assured he could and agreed to quit his job using his savings to get through the 1st year. After six months, Ted was burnt out, doing all that had to be done for the new company from government forms to bookkeeping to customer service.

Business experts told him he was on the right track but it didn’t feel like it.  Frustrated, Ted found the ‘Being Exceptional’ program March 2014. Working together Ted discovered he was still working as an administrator and being the partner.

We worked out what role he should be doing and became comfortable being a full partner. Ted also had the option to work with clients and let his partner more active with customer services. When he knew his full role he could delegate more; hired an accountant and an administrator. While the money was tighter, he can breathe.

Ted checks in every month for one session to keep him on track and calm.

andIntuitive Coach & Mentor

Feel Normal Again

Louisa, Vancouver CA

Many years and many doctors, a phycologist and I still suffer from my anxiety. The doctors put me on drugs.  The phycologist helped me examine my past, but how long does it take to stop the anxiety….she kept saying ‘it is better’.

My symptoms were being treated, not minimising or getting rid of the anxiety.

Many people say they can help me, but often their help is either basic or takes too long (3 years in therapy). Cilica really came through; she began with meditation lessons.  She makes me feel like I can live a normal life.

She has an incredible skill set. Things I never ever thought of she’d add into our sessions and I don’t have to talk about the past or future.  Just learn.

Staying Home for Days

Victoria Lynn, Maple Ridge, CA

I suffer from anxiety, depression and chronic pain . . . I am a mess. I came to Cilica through a friend who said she could help me in all areas which surprised me. She taught me life skills, meditation and deep breathing.

We worked on my chronic pain with yoga therapy and I was so excited that I have days completely pain free. I had panic and anxiety attacks that were so bad I had to stay home for days.

Now with less fear only once or twice a month I freak out. Cilica is worth every $ of my savings.  I got a part time job now.  Never thought I’d work again.

andSinging Lessons

Singing with a Physical Challenge

Muj N, Slough UK

I want to be a professional singer, but all the singing teachers I contacted wouldn’t teach me.  Or told me to play an instrument because I have a sunken chest.

Cilica is the only one who said, ‘yes, I can teach you to sing’.  She is an unusual teacher, singing in the park, working on my body and reinforcing my being able to sing well. Telling my friends, they were like really.  I may not be a superstar yet, but I’m getting there.

I moved away from Cilica, and now take lessons from someone closer – she still is the best teacher I’ve ever had.