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I promote what I believe.  On my pages, I convey my opinions, ideas and thoughts on a variety of subjects, experiences and findings or other person’s ideas.  On these pages, I do my best to uphold character of honesty, forthright, intelligent, insight and compassionate in support of my character.

I swear because I do.  I like many things. I have an open mind that may close suddenly (my prerogative) and am opinionated because I have opinions on a variety of topics.

Yes, I swear.  I have a no hatred, non-violence, and must be your opinion to comment or to submit an article for publication.

If you want to make your voice heard by replying to any comments or thoughts here by either my guests or me, you may disagree with making your voice heard but only in a civil, intelligent manner.  Otherwise, make your mark elsewhere.

I do my best to check my facts beforehand, but I may get some things wrong.  Please e-mail me with the corrections and the basis for the correction. Unsupported corrections will not be accepted.