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Your Self-Reliance Mentor


Coaching that Solve Problems for People like You.

Little Ones, Personal Challenges, Big Ones I Help you Solve them!

I help you through my system of understanding human complexity, assessing patterns, using the implied and hidden, emotional and cognitive needs and my experiences to solve your problems.

Self-Reliance = The Ultimate Freedom

Give Yourself the Freedom to be
Authentic & a Little Wild without Regret.
Significant Possibilities Await You!

Personal & Professional Development
Self-Ledearship to win at all you
do for long-term success.

Confidant Services for Those
Who Value Integrity & Honesty.
When Privacy is a Priority.

Confident, Accomplished & Happy
Transform Your Life
Through Stillness.

Develop Your Confident Voice.
Express Your Talents
Therapy, Sing, Communicate, Vocalise

Traditional Healing of
Mind, Body & Spirit.
Yoga Training & Development.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

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Breathe Freely


Emotional Balance

Hello, I am Cilica

I grew up in the rainy Vancouver, CA where we thrive with pockets of old growth forest.  Not coincidentally, I too live near London, England where I thrive in the raining night walking for hours.

In an interwoven complex world that separates the mind, physical self and spirituality, I help you reconnect your wholeness to live feeling; in control, assured, find simplicity, direction, connection, balance, health, success and confidence.  Live Self-Reliant.

Through owning three businesses, facilitating five-day Intensives: Sing with Confidence & Communicate with Confidence, Yoga & Personal Development training with self-reliance coaching, I help people gain a life they could only dream.    I hope you’ll join me.

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